Robertson uses Conference Speech to Attack Tories on the Rule of Law

September 28, 2020 10:40 PM
By Callum Robertson for Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
Originally published by Essex Liberal Democrats

Essex Lib Dem Police Fire and Crime Commissioner Candidate Callum Robertson used a speech at the Liberal Democrat Conference to take the Tories to task over their breaking of international law.

His speech is below:

"Good evening conference

First off, I want to say thanks to the staff members and FCC members who have put on a blinder of a conference in exceptionally difficult circumstances.

For a bit of background, I have spent the past 6 months working closely with Lib Dem Lawyers working group on the rule of law. In that role we have worked hand in glove with the brilliant Unlock Democracy whose professionalism and dedication to the rule of law is faultless.

But conference, we are facing an uphill battle.

This is because it is the modus operandi of the current government to attack and undermine our institutions, the consequence of this is the systematic shafting of those who the justice system is designed to protect.

As liberals we need to keep our eyes open to the cold hard facts of the matter.

Fact number one: Our Courts in England and Wales have a two-year delay in hearing cases. This is denying justice to thousands of victims of crime.

Fact number two: There is little to no funding in family law. This has caused countless victims of domestic violence to fall through the gaps. This is a travesty.

Fact number three: Prime Minister Johnson is currently steering the internal market bill through parliament. That bill sets in place the apparatus to break international law. The consequence of this is that we lose all moral authority to call out tinpot dictators like Al-Khalifa and President Xi, leaving them free to break international law without consequence.

It is telling that the government, when faced with these facts, chooses not to address them, but to attack the judiciary instead.

Let us make no bones about it, these threats to the rule of law addressed in this motion are just another notch on the well-worn belt of conservative incompetence.

We must roll up our sleeves and get to work opposing this government and it's actions with every fiber of our being because the actions of this government in relation to the rule of law show us clearly that the moral character of our nation is on the line.

This is a battle we cannot afford to lose, so please, support this motion."