Support local campaigns with the Epping Forest Lib Dems 49 Club

August 29, 2019 12:43 PM
By Tim Vaughan

Campaigns cost money and this has been a busy year with local elections, national campaigns and the prospect of a General Election on the horizon.

Epping Forest Liberal Democrats run a fundraising club for local members: the 49 Club. Half of the proceeds from the regular monthly donations made by members of this club go towards a monthly prize draw, with the other half being used to help fund the activities of the local party, particularly election campaigns. This club is especially useful as a source of funds, because it provides a predictable and regular cashflow.

It would therefore help our fundraising greatly if local members could join the 49 Club, to give greater long term financial security and confidence in our campaign financing. Contributions start at £1 per week and you will have the chance every month of winning a cash prize. Download and return the application form [PDF] to become a member.