Introducing... Clive Amos for Roydon

April 27, 2019 8:12 PM

Clive spent the whole of his career in NHS management as well as serving as a magistrate for nearly 25 years which included sitting on related national bodies.

He says "I have lived in Epping Forest District for more than 30 years and delight in its rural setting despite it being so close to London. For this reason, it is important to ensure that we maintain close scrutiny of all planning applications and resist those that are inappropriate that would spoil the environment and we must ensure that planning decisions are strictly enforced.

"The difficulties under which local authorities across the country are having to work because of a shortage of funds due to the government's austerity policies have been well publicised. We must ensure that money is spent wisely whilst at the same time resisting the government's cuts, as far as possible.

"The state of the roads and pavements give cause for concern and although not the direct responsibility of the District Council, continuing representations will need to be made to those responsible so as to maintain safety.
Public transport will also need to be monitored and representations made where necessary to maintain an adequate service.

"I would welcome the opportunity to represent the interests of Roydon."