Joanne Alexander-Sefre is Lib Dem choice for Chigwell Village

January 29, 2017 10:46 AM

The Liberal Democrats have chosen Chigwell resident Joanne Alexander-Sefre to be their candidate in the Chigwell Village by-election.

The by-election has beeen caused by the resignation of Conservative district councillor Lesley Wagland. It will take place on Thursday 23 February.

Joanne Alexander-Sefre (Ann Charlotte Photography)Joanne has lived in Chigwell parish since 1985 - first at Smeaton Road and now at Sunnymede - and runs a locally-based export sales and marketing business.

She says: "I love being right next to London yet surrounded by wonderful countryside and forests. It's been the ideal place to run my company while also enjoying the local bridlepaths and open spaces. But like many residents I feel we get taken for granted by the Conservative councillors who run Epping Forest District Council.

"The Conservatives have clearly failed to listen to local people about the development of new homes in Chigwell - as local reaction shows. I look forward to using this election campaign to discuss this and other local issues such as school places, local policing, campaigning for better pavements, maintaining and extending local rural footpaths and bridleways, and improving recreation facilities for all."

Over the past year the Liberal Democrats have gained council seats from the Conservatives and from Labour. Joanne will be the clear challenger to the Conservatives in this election.

If you can help Joanne's campaign please sign up to volunteer or make a donation.