Thank you for your support – we will continue to fight for Liberal values

May 13, 2015 11:23 AM

Jon Whitehouse ()

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Jon Whitehouse has thanked local residents who supported him and the Liberal Democrats in the recent elections.

He said:

"I am grateful to everyone who voted for me, voted for our council candidates, put up a poster, delivered leaflets, donated money, knocked on doors or took numbers at polling stations on election day. It means a lot. Obviously the results, nationally and locally, were not what we hoped for. Britain needs a strong Liberal voice and I will continue to work for these values over the next five years. I am very encouraged that 10,000 new members have joined the Liberal Democrats since election day.

"Here in Epping Forest our membership has increased by a fifth. I look forward to campaigning with new and old members and supporters for our area."

The full parliamentary election results are available on the Epping Forest district council website.

Local elections

In the local elections the Liberal Democrats gained second places in Buckhurst Hill West, Epping Hemnall, Epping Lindsey & Thornwood, Waltham Abbey Honey Lane and Waltham Abbey North East.

Epping Hemnall district council result 2015 ()Sadly the Conservatives regained the Epping Hemnall seat that hardworking new Liberal Democrat councillor Kim Adam won in September's by-election. The full local election results are available on the Epping Forest district council website.

Kim also missed out on election to Epping Town Council by just 14 votes.

Jon Whitehouse, who was re-elected to Epping Town Council, said:

"I am grateful to all our candidates and those who voted for them whatever the results. We will build on them for next year's local council elections."

If you wish to support the local Liberal Democrat campaign please contact Jon Whitehouse at