Liberal Democrats only real opposition to the Conservatives in Epping Forest

April 4, 2008 12:00 AM

At noon today nominations closed for this year's set of local elections. Early indications show it is only the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives who are standing at least one candidate in every ward, proving it is only the Liberal Democrats are the real opposition to this Conservative Council.

The Liberal Democrats have a record of standing up for local residents:

1) Campaigned successfully against the Conservative run council's decision to reduce funding for removing graffiti.

2) Proposed a 0.6% increase in this year's council tax. This was opposed by Conservative councillors who voted for a 2.5% rise. This is on top of the 4.2% rise by the Conservative lead county council.

3) Saved vital services. Lib Dem run Buckhurst Hill Parish Council saved the Roding Centre after the Conservatives let the building deteriorate and then put it up for sale!

Even the Conservative councillors are beginning to doubt the leadership of council. A third councillor has now resigned, slating the leader of the district council of her 'disregard for democracy'.

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Campaigner Ann Haigh said: "Only a handful of votes will determine the Conservatives will continue to run the council. Vote for the local Lib Dem team that works hard all year round, not just at election time."