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  • Joseph Barkham Face (Joseph Barkham)
    Article: Apr 21, 2018
    By Peter Sinfield

    Joseph will be a strong voice for the local residents of Buckhurst Hill and will speak up for the area at the Council if he is elected. He has been working hard since last summer listening to residents to really understand the issues for local residents.

    "I am 24 and have lived in Buckhurst Hill for 22 years and I am full of enthusiam and drive to work hard for our our area. I love the village feel and the great easy access to green spaces that Buckhurst Hill has. When I speak to people on the doorstep the same issues come up time and again, the poor state of pavements and roads and that we need a local champion to speak up for the area. I hope I have proved that I can be that for the residents of Buckhurst Hill." says Joseph.

  • Petition: Apr 21, 2018

    I the undersigned call on Epping Forest District Council to keep a Sports Centre within Epping

  • Article: Apr 21, 2018

    Ingrid has lived in the district for over 30 years and brought up her family here. She is a part-time primary school teacher and has taught in several schools in the area. She was a school governor of Epping St John's C of E School and was part of the team that oversaw the move into its new building and the creation of the sixth form. She is a volunteer at the Epping Forest Foodbank and a member of a local church.

  • Janet Whitehouse Cropped
    Article: Apr 21, 2018
    By Peter Sinfield

    Janet has a record of action for our area, as a councillor and in the community. First elected in 1996 she has served as a district councillor for 22 years and as county councillor for Epping and Theydon Bois for 8 years. She served as a school governor at two local schools and in 2010 was awarded the High Sheriff's award for community safety.

  • A pile of leaflets to be delivered in a Liberal Democrat Office
    Article: Apr 20, 2018

    The Liberal Democrats won two of the council by-elections that were held last night (with one still to declare!), gaining two seats from the Conservatives!

    The Liberal Democrats, under Vince Cable, are winning seats up and down the country and against all opposition - because people know when they elect Liberal Democrats, they're electing someone who'll get things done for their community!

  • Vince Cable in Twickenham
    Article: Apr 19, 2018

    He criticised the effective monopolies enjoyed by the likes of Google, Facebook, and Amazon - comparing their market dominance to that of big oil companies in the past - and suggested ways they could be broken up.

    "Data is the new oil. Data is the raw material which drives these firms and it is control of data which gives them an advantage over competitors. These companies have acquired their pivotal position by providing a service or platform through which data can be extracted, collected and used.

    Just as Standard Oil once cornered 85% of the refined oil market, today Google drives 89% of internet search, 95% of young adults on the internet use a Facebook product, Amazon accounts for 75% of E-book sales, while Google and Apple combined provide 99% of mobile operating systems.

    National government and, even more so, supranational bodies like the EU can and should look to break up enterprises where size is detrimental to the economic well-being of the country, its citizens and its capacity for innovation.

    There is a case for splitting Amazon into three separate businesses - one offering cloud computing, one acting as a general retailer and one offering a third-party marketplace. Other examples would be Facebook being forced to divest itself of Instagram and WhatsApp as a condition for operating in the EU, creating two new social media networks. Divesting Google of YouTube would be another.

    What is striking that the most effective competition authority in the capitalist world - the European Commission - is probably the only body with the clout to take these decisions. The UK could quite obviously never do it alone.

    Britain commits an act of serious self-harm by doggedly setting itself apart from the power of shared sovereignty with our neighbours.

  • Document: Apr 19, 2018
    561.89 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    Earlier this year, Epping Forest Liberal Democrats formally responded to the District Council's submission version of the Local Plan.

    We believe the plan is unsound in a variety of areas, and our submission includes objections to poorly-considered proposals for housing in Epping, Ivy Chimneys, and on Jessel Green in Loughton. You can read our full representation in the document below.

  • Article: Apr 19, 2018

    Tim Vaughan is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Waltham Abbey Honey Lane.

    Tim has been a resident of Waltham Abbey for eight years, and currently chairs the local branch of the Liberal Democrats, of which he has been a member for over fifteen years. Tim strongly supports Liberal Democrats' policies on protecting and promoting our health and education services, as well as social care in the community.

  • The House of Lords. Image: UK Parliament
    Article: Apr 18, 2018

    Having sat through over 100 hours of debate so far in the House of Lords on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, I have been angered by the combination of arrogance and incompetence which has characterised the Government's response to a very wide range of concerns expressed.

    From how we continue to regulate and licence the supply of over-the-counter medicines to working with our European neighbours on security policy; from how to maintain reciprocal roaming charges to protecting our hard-won rights and freedoms, the Government has displayed indifference and the inability to answer the most basic of questions.

  • Palace of Westminster.
    Article: Apr 18, 2018

    The Government has tonight been defeated in the House of Lords on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill.

    An amendment on the customs union supported by the Liberal Democrats, Crossbenchers, Labour, and Conservative peers has passed by 348 votes to 225.

    The defeat forces the government to lay a report before Parliament outlining the steps taken to negotiate a customs union as part of the framework for a future UK-EU relationship, and prevents the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 until these steps have been taken.

    This is a hugely significant moment, the House of Lords has come together to show the government that remaining in a customs union is key to the UK's future prosperity.

    Securing this win on a cross-party basis rams home how out of touch the government have been on this issue and that they drastically need to change tack from the destructive hard Brexit they are pursuing.